Thursday, May 15, 2008

Personhood Probably On Nov. Ballot!

Congratulations to all of you volunteers who helped with the Personhood Initiative petition drive!!!

On Tuesday, Colorado for Equal Rights turned into the Secretary of State's Office 131,245 signatures! That's 55,000 MORE than was required, which should give them a good cushion against invalid signatures.


One of the most consistent supporters of Personhood, over many years, has been Dr. Alan Keyes, who is still running for President. He sent this statement, when he heard the news:

For Liberty and Our Posterity

A statement by Ambassador Alan Keyes concerning the successful petition drive to place the Personhood initiative on the November ballot

"With the submission of the signatures needed to put the Personhood amendment on the ballot in Colorado this November people all over America have cause to thank God for the dedicated efforts of Coloradans of good heart and conscience whose faithfulness produced this opportunity for truth. Of course, this success also marks the beginning of a major effort to rally spiritual resources and understanding throughout the state for a victory of conscience and American principle in November.

"In the infamous “Roe v. Wade” decision, its author (Justice Blackmun) admitted that recognition of the personhood of the child vitiates the claim to a so-called right to abortion. Tragically, Blackmun ignored the U.S. Constitution’s clear assertion of equality for our posterity (in and beyond the womb). The words of its Preamble declare that the ultimate goal of our constitutional system is to “secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our posterity.” These words place posterity’s claim to these blessings on an equal level with our own. They accord it a position of equality utterly inconsistent with the murderous extinction of our offspring at any stage of their lives.

"When the Highest Court in the land ignores and abandons the Constitution’s clearly stated goals, it is necessary and proper for the people to remember whose words and will that document finally represents. “We the people” are the final arbiters of the Constitution’s meaning, especially on those issues that involve the security of liberty itself. This is especially true when an issue involves the integrity and truth of the very principle that allows us to claim the right of self-government: the clear and simple moral premise that we are all created equal and endowed by God (not human choice) with our unalienable rights.

"Like the issue of slavery in the nineteenth century, abortion starkly challenges us to live according to this principle, or else discard it, and with it our claim to unalienable rights and the political liberty founded upon them. This is the challenge the Personhood amendment places before the people of Colorado. As they defend and vindicate the life of posterity in the womb, they will restore and strengthen the premise of God ordained moral equality that is the soul of our republic and the indispensable foundation of our life as a free people."

Alan Keyes

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