Monday, September 15, 2008

CRTL's Sign on the Mountain

First off, a pat on the back for Colorado Right to Life!

In August, during the Democrat National Convention, Colorado Right to Life, and several pro-life groups which joined us (Operation Save America/Operation Rescue, Missionaries to the Preborn and Survivors -- other groups may have cooperated with CRTL in smaller numbers) achieved a Guinness World Record by constructing the world's largest protest sign (530 feet tall, 666 feet long) on North Table Mountain (Golden) to protest the Democrat National Convention's (DNC) support for child killing. The sign read like a crossword -- DNC up and down, and Destroys uNborn Children lengthwise! The sign was visible (some say even readable!) from downtown Denver, where convention goers were in their hotels.
More thousands of people saw the sign as they drove by on I-70 during the 3 hours it was on display. Yet more thousands in Arvada, Golden, Broomfield and elsewhere within sight (it was readable for nearly 20 miles!) saw it as they stepped out of their houses.

News of the message and protest spread like wildfire across the country, on a thousand blogs and news services, and even hit the UK's Guardian newspaper! Everyone who saw the message had a clear view of what the Democrats do to unborn children, and that's going to leave a mark (on their minds, not on the mountain)!

Letters of the sign measured 160 feet tall (each!) and each consisted of dozens of bedsheets (donated from all around the country) sewn together by dozens of volunteers over a months' time, and hiked onto the 45 degree slope of a mountain by 50 volunteers! Each person's backpack was between 30 and 80 pounds. Because of volunteer involvement, and savvy collection of used bedsheets, the cost was minimal, compared to the public relations output!

See video on the sign from 9 News (Denver-NBC) which is great coverage of a pro-life message the way it should be covered!

And CRTL's efforts (and American Right to Life, and Missionaries, Survivors and OSA, etc.) caught the attention of the national and local news media for their passion and message. We completely showed up the anti-war demonstrators, on both counts, and left an impression on the minds of the American people who were watching with our bold message about the Right to Life! Don't just let me tell you... Here's the same from the Colorado Springs Gazette:

An "editorial" is a special type of opinion article which is actually written by the editors of the newspaper (basically, it's the newspaper's official opinion). The Gazette Editorial recognized the outsize influence of pro-life protests on the whole experience of the Democrat National Convention! They pay special attention not just to the sign, but to Colorado Right to Life's "Power In the Park" event, which drew prominent conservative Black leaders from across the country to speak to the neighbors in Denver's Stapleton neighborhood, which is mostly Black, and which is the location (naturally and predictably) of Planned Parenthood's new "AuschWeitz" killing center.

The Gazette editors indicate (correctly) that the pro-life message won't go away, especially now that Blacks are starting to recognize abortion is a genocidal war being perpetrated against their people!

Unfortunately, they didn't happen to mention that Colorado and American Right to Life planned both, the sign on the mountain and the Power In the Park. Alveda King (MLK Jr.'s niece) was invited by both CRTL and the Archdiocese, but Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, Rev. Childress ( and Dr. Alan Keyes were invited by Colorado and American Right to Life.

On to other news, the CRTL Blog deserves a pat on the back too! This blog had more than 150 individual viewers in the one month running up to the Colorado Republican Primary -- people looking for information on candidates to vote for (or not), primarily. But not exclusively -- we also gathered quite a few hits from other states and other countries (perhaps 10-20% of the total), from people who just happened to be looking for pro-life information, and who found us through a search! We're getting more and more attention, which means the message of Personhood is getting out there!

Furthermore, the CRTL Blog is now rated 39 on Facebook's "Top 50 conservative blogs list!" We're running with the big dogs, like Hugh Hewitt and National Review Online's "The Corner"!

Great work, conservative readers!!! And great work, Colorado Right to Life!

Which brings us to something we hate to bring up, but it's for a great cause... CRTL is in need of funding to continue our fight in favor of Personhood, which is on the ballot in Colorado this November! CRTL wants to run television ads and radio ads in favor of Amendment 48, which is the most important measure on any ballot this year (and very likely the most important pro-life measure in history!). But we can't do it unless Coloradans and people from out of state contribute every penny they can to energize this tremendous opportunity!

You can Donate Online to help the cause of Personhood, and Colorado Right to Life! Please consider your largest possible contribution -- this is SO important, and it will transform the abortion debate forever!

More on this later, but it's important to remind you that effectiveness can't be driven on volunteer effort alone! Let's get this Personhood measure passed, and then take it to other states!

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