Saturday, November 22, 2008

A Well-Meaning Pro-Lifer

"What law do you propose?"

"I want a law which says a woman must see an ultrasound before she has an abortion."

"And what would that accomplish?"

"Many women would choose not to abort, because they see their baby is a little, living human being!"

"But do you believe it's a little, living human being?"

"Of course I do!"

"Then why, in your law, is it then allowable to kill that baby, if the woman chooses?"

"Well... Because it's already legal to kill that baby."

"Do you believe it shouldn't be legal to kill any of these babies?"

"Of course not. They're human beings."

"What about a woman's right to choose? Do you propose to prohibit all abortions?"

"Well... Yes, eventually. A woman shouldn't have a right to choose to kill an innocent child."

"But in your own law, you allow for that choice. Why is that?"

"Because society's not ready to outlaw all abortion. I could never pass a law to outlaw all abortion."

"Of course, that's true. Most people do believe in a right to choose, even if they're not really for abortion. Take me, for instance."

"So we have to stop as many abortions as we can, until the point when people understand there is no right to choose."

"But that's silly. In your own law, you respect a woman's right to choose, within certain limitations. Even you concede that right."

"I do not!"

"Your law does."

"No, it's just... It's a way of getting part of what I want until I have the opportunity to get all of what I want."

"So you're trying to trick us?!"

"No... I'm giving you what you'll accept."

"And then what?"

"And then, once I've taught you there's a Right to Life, you'll support an end to all abortion."

"No. That will never happen. Because you're not doing anything to convince me there's a Right to Life that supersedes a right to choose. Because your own law doesn't defend the Right to Life -- your law only defends the right to choose."

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Anonymous said...

But then one has to ask what is CRTL doing to educate people about the Pro-Life view.

Bob Kyffin said...

Well, there are plenty of things. From the March for Life (seen by thousands), to protesting at abortion centers, to speaking on TV, to explaining and exposing to the media, etc.

But perhaps the most important outreach to the general public has been the Personhood campaign here in Colorado, Amendment 48, which reached millions by TV and other means. In the end, 27% of Colorado voters agreed to back a Right to Life from Conception, which is way higher than anybody would have predicted would be realistically possible (asking either secularists or pro-lifers even).

We're also busy working on educating pro-lifers on this strategy, which is an important role.

Anonymous said...

No doubt it is exciting to have Pro-Life legislation bode so well. But what is CRTL doing to tell the millions. What are they doing to educate people about abortion itself.

Bob Kyffin said...

Thanks again for your question - it's an important one, and fortunately I have a good answer!

First, it's important to note that CRTL and its partner organization American Right to Life (ARTL) are both working actively to change the direction and focus of other pro-life groups and voices so that THEIR outreach harmonizes with our message.

That message, first and foremost, differs from most prominent pro-life groups in two primary ways: 1) rejection of the "regulation" mentality, and promotion of "personhood" or "life at conception" as the gold standard we should be pushing for, and 2) that if we're not using every opportunity we're in the news, or in the public eye, to promote the concept of a God-given Right to Life from fertilization (conception) to natural death, then we're really not leaving the right impression on the public, and therefore we're not being effective in our messaging. We say what we mean, say what we want, and we're frank and sincere about it -- I believe most open minded people respect that.

This difference of opinion between us and those other organizations is NOT because we are petty, or have a "my way or the highway" attitude -- it's because of a strong personal conviction within each of us that 1) the regulation strategy almost all of us pushed at one time has failed, and 2) THIS is the new direction which holds the MOST promise for ending abortion sooner, rather than later.

Now, having said all that first, let me tell you how CRTL and ARTL are reaching millions with this very message about the God-given Right to Life:

1) Our past president (ARTL's current president) Brian Rohrbough had a 90 second? pro-life monologue broadcast by CBS during prime-time thanks to the (unwitting) cooperation of Katie Couric (clip located here). That broadcast reached hundreds of thousands, or perhaps a million people just by itself.

2) The world-record-breaking sign "Destroys uNborn Children" (DNC) which was erected on a mountain within sight of Denver during the Democratic National Convention received press nationwide (including a press release which explained "Personhood" and the God-given Right), in a thousand locations, before millions, and even reached the British media.

3) CRTL has had dozens of opportunities to reach the public nationwide through various press releases or events we've presented. Our spokespeople have been on radio and TV on a regular basis (several times a year), often for long radio interviews, and even some long TV interviews. We take these opportunities to speak the the nation very seriously, because that's how we can change peoples' hearts and minds.

4) The Amendment 48 Personhood campaign here in Colorado not only received nationwide press in Newsweek (long article), and all major networks, but also presented the concept of Life at Conception to the full Colorado electorate of millions of people.

5) As CRTL gains prominence, we will have more funding (donations encouraged!) to spread the word to all of Colorado through news events and paid media like mailings and radio and TV ads (all of which we've already tried in Colorado, and some other locations).

The more CRTL speaks to Colorado, the world, and even to pro-lifers, the closer we get to transforming the whole pro-life vs. abortion debate nationwide. We've seen some amazing progress already, and I'm sure there will be more as we go on.


Bob Enyart said...

Painful dialogue (the opening post) but insightful. Thanks Bob Kyffin for your presentations of vital pro-life matters here on the CRTL Blog!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I love the work that you do! Remember, the Lord tells us that conception is His will and if we interfere with that, we are breaking His law and force of Creation. My biggest issue was voting for a Republican. There aren't any real Republicans who will stand up for abortion and make illegalizing it their #1 priority. I can't stand that! Remember, Christians: VOTING 4 THE LESSER OF 2 EVILS IS STILL EVIL! Shame on any Christian who votes outside of that! They shall not reap the reward of the Kingdon of Heaven! I truly believe in the prophesy of the bible and I believe that the meek shall inherit the kingdom and Glory of God. If that means that i must follow the TRUE will of God and not vote for a major candidate, then I will gain the glory of God for all eternity. AMEN

Anonymous said...

I think it is wrong to say that just because a person doesn't vote a certain way they won't "Reap the reward of the kingdom of heaven"

Bob Kyffin said...

I'll respond, and then let Bob Enyart comment if he's still watching. I'm not 100% sure we'll agree, but I imagine we will.

Personally, I believe we are held responsible for what we know. A baby, for instance, is taken to Heaven even though they may not know enough to believe in Christ, because they couldn't have learned yet.

I also believe there are separate issues -- 1) salvation, 2) our "rewards" in Heaven. The Bible indicates saved people will be rewarded according to their fruits during their earthly life -- basically, your salvation does not depend on "good works" but your reward once you get to Heaven will.

A woman who believes the lies of the world and who murders her baby because she doesn't think it's human will be judged for that, but not as harshly as a woman who murders her baby while realizing what she's doing. Think of it, maybe, as the difference between manslaughter and 1st Degree Murder. It's a matter of intent.

I believe Sen. McCain, for instance, will be judged more harshly for his support for the murder of embryos for stem cell research than will, say, an atheist who did the same thing. Why? Because McCain said (whether he was sincere or not will factor in) he believes life begins at conception, which means he SHOULD believe destruction of an embryo is murder. Ironically, I believe McCain would be judged less harshly if he lied to the American people about his beliefs than if he really believed in life at conception!

Someone who votes, likewise, may be held accountable for what they know. Will someone who votes for McCain because they think he's pro-life be judged as harshly (the "rewards" of Heaven) as someone who voted for him because they thought he was the lesser of two evils? I think I know, but I can't be sure. But God knows... and he left us enough information to have an idea.

The role of sincere pro-lifers is to reveal the truth -- to proclaim it so that all will know. We should tell women at the abortion mills that God doesn't want them to murder their babies, because if they believe us they might stop. Likewise, we should tell Christians not to vote for those who believe murder is okay under any circumstances, because if they believe us they might not. These things are what CRTL does on a daily basis (literally).

Whether someone will be judged or rewarded for their vote, I think, may depend on whether they thought they were doing the right thing or not. On the other hand, we don't know for sure -- you MAY be judged for voting for a murderer! But those who have HEARD that the person they're considering voting for is a murderer, and who then vote for them anyway, may very well be held accountable for that.

They will be saved, and will go to Heaven, but what happens beyond that depends on what God believes, right? So is ignorance of God's law a reasonable defense when 1) the Bible made clear what God wants, and 2) someone from Colorado Right to Life confronted you before you voted and said, "McCain supports some murders, and "the lesser of two evils is still evil"?

Anonymous said...

I believe that all who come to know the Lord will, no matter what they have done on this earth, go to heaven and be with Christ. I really don't think you could ask for more.

Bob Kyffin said...

I don't disagree Anonymous, but our faithfulness, and our actions and inactions here on Earth, including what we've done for the unborn, will determine our "place" in Heaven. God has never asked us to compromise -- compromise is nowhere in the Bible. We are given standards to live by, and we should live by them.