Sunday, February 8, 2009

CRTL Witnesses the End of an Era

America’s 1st & Longest-Running Abortuary, Denver’s
20th & Vine Finally Closes Its Doors "For Good"

Sidewalk counselors Ken and Jo Scott stand in front of the doors to the 20th & Vine abortuary, underneath the vacant signframe which once declared Planned Parenthood. Ken and Jo devoted their lives to closing down this site, spending almost every day for decades pleading with mothers to keep their babies.

The nation’s first legal abortion "clinic" has finally closed its doors. Some of the hundreds of activists who have protested outside the 20th & Vine abortuary over the past 41 years, holding signs, rosaries or baby dolls and offering shouted or silent protests against the evil being perpetrated inside, urging women to love their babies, not to kill them, were allowed recently to see the inside of the facility whose outside they knew so well. Planned Parenthood operations have moved into a new, larger center on 38th Avenue by Stapleton (we call it AuschWeitz).

The building was sold to a health provider who meant to turn it into a care center for the elderly. When they saw the condition of the building however, and considered what it had been used for, the company decided they would tear it down and rebuild instead. A special opportunity arose for pro-life activists to be invited inside to see the place where so many horrors had been committed.

An envelope, dated 1967, apparently hidden under a desk for 40 years, reveals one of the earliest crimes committed against children, women and God at 20th & Vine.

Several of those who had protested outside the clinic came to document and take photographs and video of the interior. What remained had been cleared of furniture, but left behind was evidence of the filthy working conditions. Some visitors were familiar enough with procedures to know which rooms were used for what, and video was taken of the closet where baby parts were reassembled after the abortion to ensure that no parts were left inside to cause infection (the leading cause of death to post-abortive mothers).

Representatives of the Christian Motorcyclists Association joined us and said prayers inside and outside the building to sanctify the property & the lives lost there.

Sidewalk counselors and riders with the Christian Motorcyclists Association gathered inside and outside to hold hands and pray over the site, that God would turn it to His purposes.

Just one example of the extraordinary filth found inside the abortion center (which purports to be a "medical clinic," though it obviously never followed medical procedures for cleanliness).

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Anonymous said...

Must be so wonderful to see justice served after basking in the spotlight of that slaughterhouse for so long.