Thursday, July 22, 2010

Updated Information Coming

Some of you have already received your ballots. Please, especially since there are some key races where the truth is not being told, hold on for just a few more days before marking your ballots.

There is important information on a couple of races, including the 3rd Congressional and 7th Congressional races (i.e. not all candidates are as pro-life as they claim), which we will be providing early next week.

There will also be additional information, including positive information about Robert Ramirez in House District 29. Campaign updates, etc. We will also provide updated information on the Governor's race.

We also received a very positive candidate survey from US Senate candidate Ken Buck -- we've known for a long time he was pro-Personhood, but now we do have a survey and he's on record with support for all of our positions except for the life of the mother exception (which as we've noted isn't a conflict, because this is a matter of semantics -- the doctor has a sworn duty to try to save both the mother and the baby, and because of this there's never a situation where the mother's life would be saved by trying to kill the baby -- if the doctor TRIES to kill the baby, that's wrong, but there's never a situation, even with ectopic pregnancies, where the doctor MUST try to kill the baby rather than simply trying to save both the baby and the mother -- it's a matter of the intent of the doctor, which should always be to try to preserve life even when such hopes are futile).

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Kevin J. Jones said...

If you like, I have compiled some information on CD-7 GOP candidate Ryan Frazier, please feel free to use it or correct it if you have more up-to-date info.