Friday, August 6, 2010

"Pro-Life" Means More Than it Used To (press release)

Colorado Right to Life does not issue endorsements of candidates, but we do separate the "wheat from the chaff" in terms of who is really pro-life, and who is simply using the issue as a prop to get elected.

Both Republican candidates for Governor, and both Republican candidates for U.S. Senate have endorsed Amendment 62, the Personhood Amendment. However, Jane Norton's website says she still supports rape and incest exceptions which would allow an innocent person -- the unborn child -- to be killed.

Personhood is the new definition of "pro-life" in Colorado politics. CRTL believes life begins at the very beginning -- when the sperm reacts with the ovum to create DNA for a new, individual Person with a Right to Life.

We're also greatly concerned about the 3rd Congressional District, where both candidates "say" they're pro-life, but only one candidate -- Bob McConnell -- responded to CRTL's candidate survey. Only one candidate went on record as supporting the Personhood Amendment. And only one candidate seems at all serious about defending the life of the unborn child. "Scott Tipton may think abortion is just an election issue," says Leslie Hanks, VP of CRTL and co-sponsor of Amendment 62, "but it's not. It's a heart issue, and it's a matter of life and death, and we're glad one candidate understands that."

Similar contrasts exist in other legislative races.

The 6th State Senate District (Montrose, Durango, Pagosa Springs) offers a contrast between a 100% pro-life candidate named Dean Boehler and pro-abortion Rep. Ellen Roberts. "Ellen Roberts is the most pro-abortion Republican in the entire legislature!" Hanks said. "Every time she had the option to vote for or against abortion, she voted for it." That's five different pieces of legislation, as shown by CRTL's Legislative Scorecard (2007-2008). Pro-abortion NARAL has rated Ellen Roberts 100%.

In the 2nd State Senate District (Canon City, south Pueblo, Walsenburg, Las Animas) Kevin Grantham is 100% pro-life while his opponent has said on the radio he's "pro-choice."

In Grand Junction's House District 54, Ray Scott is a 100% pro-life conservative running against Bob Hislop. Scott supports the Personhood Amendment, while Hislop does not.

In Douglas County's House District 44, Chris Holbert is 100% pro-life, and has taken the life issue very seriously, attending CRTL's legislative events. David Casiano has also endorsed Personhood and supports CRTL's positions on life issues. But their opponent, Polly Lawrence does not support Personhood, and will only say she is "Personally pro-life" (which is the same thing Bill Ritter and John Kerry said and means "officially pro-abortion").

"The Right to Life isn't just on the ballot in November," Hanks says. "It's on the ballot Tuesday, too, when only some Republicans support the little guy -- the really little guy."

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