Saturday, March 26, 2016

CO Senate District 12: Gordon Klingenschmitt vs. Bob Gardner

In the divisive primary between former Rep. Bob Gardner and Rep. Gordon Klingenschmitt, both candidates claim to be "pro-life." Gardner even claims to be "unflinchingly pro-life."

Colorado Right to Life wishes to set the record straight as to who's pro-life. We have never had reason to consider Bob Gardner pro-life. To the best of our knowledge, he has never supported Colorado's Personhood amendments, or a Personhood standard in legislation. We have no evidence he ever signed a petition for Personhood. We have said previously he is a RINO (Republican in Name Only) and we'll say it again.

We have confidence in Gordon Klingenschmitt to defend the sanctity of life at all stages and at all times. We have no such confidence in Bob Gardner.

In fact, Colorado Right to Life has identified several areas where the candidates differ on respect for life.

In 2013, according to Project Vote Smart, Bob Gardner was rated 50% by NARAL Pro-Choice Colorado. (,S,R,E,F,P#.VvRsvf32aUl)

In 2007 Bob Gardner voted with several mostly moderate, pro-choice Republicans in favor of legislation requiring hospitals or medical clinics to provide "emergency contraception" for rape victims. In reality, these are abortifacients -- poison pills designed to kill an already-conceived unborn child ( This legislation had no exception for pro-life doctors who hold a personal belief that abortifacients murder an unborn child (in fact, that's the primary reason this bill was crafted - to force such pro-life medical professionals to act against their conscience!).

The 2011 "fetal homicide" bill Bob Gardner claims as proof he's pro-life was written to please NARAL and Planned Parenthood, and specified that a "human embryo, fetus, or unborn child" was NOT to be considered a person "at any stage of development prior to live birth." Why would a pro-life legislator have that language -- anti-Personhood language, denigrating to the status of unborn life -- in any bill they co-sponsor??? By contrast, Rep. Janak Joshi's fetal homicide language is 100% abortion neutral (it doesn't prohibit abortion, but also doesn't specifically defend or protect it).

Bob Gardner has never before responded to a survey from Colorado Right to Life. We take that as a strong indication that the candidate is not pro-life. By contrast, Gordon Klingenschmitt responded in 2014 and his responses confirm he is 100% pro-life.

Lastly, there is debate between sincere pro-lifers as to whether it's appropriate for the government to oversee or administrate abortion clinics in order to make sure they "abort children properly," even if there may be a positive impact upon the number of abortions performed. Rep. Klingenschmitt opposed HB15-1128 at our request because it would have effectively made the government a partner to Planned Parenthood and the abortionists in licensing abortion clinics and assuring children are killed properly. That reprehensible partnership, in our strongly held opinion, outweighed the slight benefits from further burdening the abortion clinics. CRTL has alternative legislative language which would make abortion clinics abide by medical standards and achieve the same positive effects without making abortion seem like a "well-regulated industry."

Please take these things into account when making your choice between these candidates.

Colorado Right to Life
Sponsor of Colorado's Personhood Amendments
Protecting Colorado's unborn children since 1967

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