Sunday, July 20, 2008

Update on Candidate Responses!

Since our last posting of Candidate Questionnaire responses, more have come in. Please continue to encourage your candidates to respond -- I realize many politicians have a fear of being on record because their enemies have that to use against them, but if they are really pro-life they need to be on record and be proud of their stand!

Scott Starin, a candidate for Congress in the 2nd Congressional District, has said his questionnaire is in the mail -- he says he supports all 7 of our points! Scott also has a relationship with National Right to Life, so please pray for him to not be swayed by arguments for compromise! EDIT: Scott Starin has disappeared from the pro-life radar screen, and we must issue a caution -- we have not received Scott Starin's candidate questionnaire, which we were told was in the mail, and so we must question whether he was even referring to this questionnaire. He also has stopped responding to e-mails, and we cannot now reach him for comment.

Wil Armstrong, a candidate for Congress in the 6th Congressional District, has been asked (yet again!) to respond to the CRTL Questionnaire. He did, when pressed hard by talk-show host Gino Geraci, give a solid statement in favor of Amendment 48 (the Personhood Amendment) on Gino's Crosswalk show (KRKS Denver), as well as life beginning at conception/fertilization. We're waiting for his response to the survey to be sure he's serious about it! His campaign website has improved its statement of pro-life values since our Questionnaire we handed out at the State GOP Convention (where we noted he did not have pro-life statements on his website), but his commitment to pro-life values is still somewhat understated. Please also pray for Wil!

Three more candidates for the State Legislature have responded favorably!

Bob Denny is running for the State Senate in District 4 (in the Colorado Springs region, north and west of the city). He has a primary against a candidate (Scheffel) who has not responded to the CRTL survey. If you know Mark Scheffel, it would be good to have him on record, one way or another!

Ray Warren has responded with 7 out of 7! Ray is running for House District 26 in the Lakewood and Wheat Ridge area.

State Rep. Kevin Lundberg is running for re-election. He responded 6 out of 7 (the first 6), which is great! On #7 his note said "For seven, you set a standard that I cannot fully agree to. I sponsored SB08-095, requiring informed consent. I made sure there was no "and then you can kill the baby" language, but it still violated your standard and therefore I cannot agree with number seven." We hope Kevin is open to dialogue on this and related issues, and that he and his current colleagues who also supported compromised legislation will eventually come around. Kevin DOES support Amendment 48 (see the next note).

We also have current legislators who are strongly supporting Amendment 48 -- the Personhood Initiative! Sen. Scott Renfroe, Rep. Kevin Lundberg, Rep. Kent Lambert and Rep. Dave Schultheis attended the Personhood press conference when they turned in the signatures (and Sen. Renfroe tagged along to present them to the Sec. State's office!). There are other legislators who support Am. 48, but were unable to make it to the press conference, including Sen. Ted Harvey. Sec. of State Mike Coffman's candidate survey also shows that he supports Amendment 48.

Many of these legislators and state officials may have supported compromised legislation in the past, but CRTL has only been pushing no-compromise for 2 years consistently. We all need to pray for our legislators -- especially those who are supportive of Personhood -- that they will understand the new pro-life standard we need to hold to, and that it has superseded the old NRTL "standard" of regulating child-killing.

Senate candidate Bob Schaffer still won't acknowledge any support for Amendment 48 (the Personhood Initiative!). No word yet on whether he will support S.3111 -- Sen. Wicker's federal Personhood legislation. Dick Wadhams, Schaffer's campaign manager and chairman of the State GOP, is on record calling Personhood supporters "the fringe" and has said he wants Colorado Republicans to "avoid social issues" in their campaigns. Please write, call or e-mail to Bob Schaffer to endorse BOTH Amendment 48 and S.3111 ! His response may tell you that he has a 100% rating with National Right to Life, and that he has a solid pro-life record, etc... But if he can't say he favors Amendment 48, he's denying the Right to Life! We need to make sure he understands we won't accept his silence on this issue!

Please keep up the great work! The political face of Colorado is changing in favor of Personhood, and against compromise and regulation! We need to keep it up, and keep the dialogue with these legislators and candidates open. Please pray for us, too!

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