Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Welcome to New BlogWatchers!

As you receive your newsletters (the second to mention this blog resource), please take a look at the range of information we present here.

We'll soon be posting the Wilberforce article from the last newsletter here, so you can send or link it to friends who may be surprised to hear it!

The first round of Candidate Responses to the CRTL Candidate Questionnaire are located here". There are also some additional responses from some more courageous candidates who are on our side, but who didn't make the first round.

Just as useful (perhaps more so!) will be the Legislative Scorecard -- Colorado Right to Life's grading of the important life-related bills of the 2007 and 2008 sessions of the General Assembly (Colorado Senate and Colorado House), and how our legislators voted. Some surprising information there, including some "pro-lifers" who aren't as pro-life as they say (and not just because we disagree on strategy -- some "pro-lifers" supported pro-abortion bills)! That should be arriving on this blog within a week or two, so watch for it!

There are many other important posts here -- the blog archive on the right lists posts month by month -- including the $10,000 Challenge to NRTL, how GOP Chairman Dick Wadhams is opposing Personhood and preferring pro-aborts to pro-lifers, and lots of information about Personhood, such as Amendment 48 makes the ballot!

We would welcome comments or questions on any of these posts! Comments are un-moderated right now, to encourage people to ask questions. Ask hard questions if you have them -- that's what this is all about. We're confident of our position, and we have lots of practice explaining where we stand. If there are doubts, we'd love to address them!

We're also in process of archiving our old newsletters, so you can read them in an online archive! Watch for this in the next several days.

And remember we would like to have your e-mail address -- we may try sending e-newsletters or e-notices about important events, and it's just cheaper and easier (better use of your resources!) to communicate that way. That's also why the blog is here.

Lastly, remember that CRTL is busy with a wide range of educational (C3) and political (C4) efforts, all of which are running at top speed right now. We're definitely in need of financial help from our supporters. If you are at all able to contribute to the many major lifesaving efforts we have underway (Personhood, protesting Planned Parenthood, mailings, radio and tv ads to Planned Parenthood neighbors, DNC Convention protests,

Remember the Banquet is coming up -- two dates Sept. 19 in Colorado Springs at the exclusive El Paso Club, and Sept. 20 in Denver at the Renaissance Hotel! Will be a great experience all around!

Thanks for all your support! Please let us know if you can contribute to any of these missions!

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