Friday, March 27, 2009

Bill Clinton: "It depends on what the definition of embryo is."

In a revealing interview that betrayed either the depth of his deception, or the level of his ignorance, former President Bill Clinton, on CNN, told Dr. Sanjay Gupta that he thinks it’s okay to experiment on what he calls "unfertilized embryos." Now, if that weren’t such a scientifically impossible claim, it would almost be reassuring that our former president seemed to be implying that it’s not okay to experiment on fertilized embryos. But Clinton seemed to miss the point that every embryo, by definition, has been fertilized, and has already become a living, growing, individual human being who has a God-given Right to Life. How tragic if he spent 8 years in the White House thinking embryos weren’t living humans. But, if you had to guess, was he being ignorant, or deceptive?

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Mike Casey said...

I would say that he is being deceptive. He might be presenting himself as "moderate" on the issue so his wife Hilldog can run in 2016 and win over moderate pro-life voters.