Thursday, April 2, 2009

4 Talk Show Hosts - $1,000,000 Challenge to Ann Coulter

Four conservative talk show hosts from across the country dared to pose tough pro-life questions about Mitt Romney to Ann Coulter, and all she could do was splutter!

Basically, she said, "Of course he's pro-life, though I can't prove it, but even if he isn't he's still the best candidate!"

We expected better of Ann.


ARTL and CRTL feel that it's necessary to challenge "fake pro-lifers" so that real pro-lifers aren't tricked into voting for them. If someone doesn't support a Right to Life from conception to natural death, they're not pro-life! Especially if they also support Roe v. Wade or a "right to choose," as Romney has, as often as not.

Here are all the reference citations to back up these claims:

As has been previously established by American Right to Life Action, Mitt Romney is only pretending to be pro-life -- it's not just a "flip-flop" if you switch back and forth several times. That's a "zig-zag", and it's a clear sign of dishonesty.


ARTLA's Romney Fairy Tale ad aired in 3 primary states where Romney lost (private donors paid for the ads specifically out of their pocket -- no ARTL donations were used if not earmarked for these ads). The ad won the award "Best Low-Budget Video" for the primary campaign, and ABC News indicated these ads had an impact with voters.

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