Sunday, March 14, 2010

Please Check For Candidate Responses on Personhood!

Just so you know, we have been surveying candidates on how they stand on Personhood (i.e. it's not good enough for them just to say, "I'm pro-life").

Responses on these points will be posted here as we get them. Tomorrow (Monday) I hope to have a full set of the surveys we've received, as well as an indicator of what we know about certain other candidates who have not responded.

You can help us out -- ask your candidates where they stand, and let us know! Also, ask them to return their candidate surveys.

Remember your caucus meeting is Tuesday -- Democrats and Republicans (and maybe some other parties) gather in neighborhood meeting to elect delegates, who then vote on which candidates will move on to the primary election.

Often, there will be 2-3 Republican candidates running for an office, and one or more of them may be pro-abortion to one degree or another.

We'll be identifying those people for you.

We will also be surveying Democrats -- in some races there are 3-4 Democrats running, and one or more of them may be pro-life.

Go to your county or state party website to find locations for your caucus. You do not need to know what candidates you're supporting in order to go, although people may ask. You can simply say you support conservative candidates who are pro-life, and that may be enough to get you elected as a delegate.

The more pro-life delegates we have at the assemblies, the more pro-life candidates will be on the ballot!

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