Monday, November 16, 2009

Pro-Life Profiles

Do you believe the unborn -- all of them -- have a Right to Life?

Are you willing to act upon that knowledge, by supporting the promising new Personhood movement (all unborn children should be protected as Persons, with a God-given, inalienable Right to Life, under the law), which has gained a foothold in no fewer than 37 states as of today?

These are the questions being asked by a new website -- an effort by American Right to Life -- of high-profile candidates and personalities in the news today, particularly those who are pro-life, or who may be considered to be pro-life by their fans and supporters, but who are really just pretending.

Pro-Life Profiles

As pro-lifers, we do ourselves no favors by pretending pro-abortion leaders are pro-life, even if they say they're on our side. And by even allowing pro-abortion leaders (pro-abortion being defined as supporting even one abortion) to pretend they're pro-life, we guarantee years more disappointment in these leaders, and years more death of unborn children with the tacit or complicit approval of our "Christian" or "pro-life" leaders.

Even National Right to Life opposes Personhood, which means they themselves do not support the Right to Life in law that their name says they should.

It's time for it to stop! Learn the truth!


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