Friday, July 3, 2009

Personhood Update: Colorado & Montana

We've been really busy, so I apologize for not updating you on Personhood around the country.

Though we made a really good go at it in legislatures, none of the legislative efforts at Personhood made it past the second house in the states where it was tried.

However, Mississippi's Personhood ballot measure is well underway, and so is Oregon's. Visit PersonhoodUSA for more information on those efforts, and about Montana's ballot initiative they launched this week too!

Here is video from the press conference in Colorado yesterday, where Colorado Right to Life and Personhood USA launched a new petition gathering initiative to build on the momentum from 2008's Amendment 48 Personhood measure.


Pro-Life Dave said...

For more info about Personhood Amendments around the U.S. check out:


Pro-Life Dave said...

Great and awesome work in Colorado! Keep strong and keep on... don't stop.

We are on our 3rd Constitutional Initiative in Mississippi - - We started in 2005 and also will not stop until personhood is established.

No matter the situation or trials, the cause is just and we must continue on in the journey and mission. May the Lord and Creator of the Universe continue to bless you, keep you close, and inspire you to blossom in His purpose.